An Unexpected Honor

MEMBERS' JURIED SHOW May 22 - June 19 Laura H. Miles Gallery

May 22 - June 19

Laura H. Miles Gallery

Like most jobs, you juggle multiple duties. Being an artist is no different. From marketing, to emails, blogging, creating originals, working on commissions, preparing for a show, or framing and printing, there is a lot of aspects that go into the job description of an Artist. One aspect that I recently concentrated on is a Juried Exhibit. Extremely daunting but extremely rewarding, art competitions and shows can demand your time at any point in your year. There is a lot of time, effort, research, debating, and waiting that goes into them but if you get in, its worth it. I decided to put a collection I was currently working on on hold and prepare.

I mustered the courage to enter into the Minnetonka Center for the Arts Members' Juried Show. The Art Center is an amazing organization that is so well represented and respected that I knew my work would judged justly. Entering in the maximum of 3 pieces of work, I waited impatiently for their decision among the many many others who entered in their beautiful work as well. 

Luckily, I got in!  It was such an unexpected honor to have all 3 pieces accepted let alone be accepted at all! This past Thursday night May 22, 2014, they held their opening reception to the public. A truly wonderful event, I wish it could have gone on all night. If you didn't make it out, the exhibit will be up through June 19th. Swing by to see the amazing work of all the artists, the beautiful building, and the lake drive isn't bad either :)

The Minnetonka Center for the Arts


Almost Ripe

Wanna Banana Mixed Media on Paper 4 x 6" Purchase

Wanna Banana

Mixed Media on Paper

4 x 6"


As an upcoming series, I will be exploring the more tactile qualities of our everyday objects. Their form, color, size, texture, shape, lines, etc. will lend to a discussion through a single drawing. The discussion will vary, and hopefully be longer than my initial observation.

For this drawing, I was enticed by the fruit's color and size. We tend to pick a banana from the grocery that is perfectly ripe, perhaps  larger than the others, and without bruises. The drawing depicts an organic banana and a conventionally grown banana. Now a days we're encouraged to buy the more "healthy" organic banana, but according to our standards of picking, we wouldn't necessarily think the organic one appears healthier. It is small, bruised, more ripe, and cost more. It's funny that we must ignore our natural instincts and instead buy the "healthier" organic banana. 

Challenges came with building the color shadows. I wasn't drawing from a picture but rather memory so I had to imagine how the light would fall and how that would affect the color of the fruit and wood beneath it. 


A New Drawing: Sick of Winter

Sick of Winter color pencil on paper 6.25 x 9.5" purchase

Sick of Winter

color pencil on paper

6.25 x 9.5"


Owed to Tardar, the Grumpy Cat. 

The torturous transition from brutal Winter to sweltering Summer in Minnesota is just that, torture. When searching for the best representation of this transition, Tardar, otherwise known as "Grumpy Cat" immediately came to mind. To me his long fur is like that of a huge down coat. His vacant glare is the monochromatic grey and white of the sky, horizon and land. That position of sitting and waiting for spring, maybe even bracing for the current chill, hoping that it will be over soon. Or maybe he just looked as pissed as I am...

Achieving the color and texture of his fur was slightly annoying. Color pencils tend to "muddy up" as you layer them so I had to be delicate in my application. Luckily the pencils are finely sharpened enough to show the direction, length, and texture of the fur. For that same reason each hair seen is one I individually drew- so very monotonous at times. 

Thank you Tardar for your empathy, compassion, and raw emotion. You've been a muse and inspiration.. perhaps Garfield the cat will epitomize summer?

Become the Art Aficionado

art aficienado.jpg

     Let’s be honest, Art is a highly subjective. Somehow though, “experts”, collectors, and curators have emerged and dominated the industry. They decide who and what is Art. Decisions such as which pieces belong in galleries and museums, the art’s value and it’s quality are made by these few “experts.” Their decisions become our assumptions and eventually our opinion, and worse even more, they become fact! Finally today, the fact is that you can become that “expert” yourself. Anyone can be the art aficionado of their community, friends, family, and most importantly your own home! Art is whatever moves you emotionally, not what others tell you to feel. Beginning to buy and eventually collecting Art is still daunting, even if you’ve now owned your emotional opinions. There are some easy steps to bring your heart and your head together.

1. Start with one room of your home, apartment, etc. Trying to plan for your whole space is over whelming and frankly anal. Each room- the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, baths serve different functions and therefore emit different and purposeful emotions. For example, your bedroom is where you relax, sleep, read so a piece that is possibly more calming would be accommodating. Versus the kitchen where there is undoubtedly more activity and socialization so a bigger and brighter piece might be more suitable.

2. Placement is not permanent. Think how you change out your wardrobe during the seasons- the types of materials, colors, and quantity vary from summer to winter. Your Artwork can do that to. Removing the enormous weight of permanence has allowed your decision of which piece to purchase to lose 100lbs. Knowing that you have the opportunity and element of choice in the future to interchange, swap, or even sell what you buy today is freeing. 

3. Don’t worry what others think. Remember Art is subjective. That means every single person that walks through your door will be emotionally affected differently from you. Also, the meaning of the piece could even change for you in the future! Assure yourself of why you like the piece- the subject matter, the colors, the technique, the style, the artist, etc. Art should be fun and I hope it can be fun for you too!

Coming Soon!


        Winter is almost over, I can feel it, I swear! I've been meticulously monitoring the sunrise and sunset times each day, watching the daytime hours increase slowly but surely. It is this time of year that I allow myself to dream and hope. I can allow myself to dream and hope of warmer weather now, because I cannot be let down as February ends and March begins. Any time hoping and dreaming beforehand can only lead to disappointment. That being said, it is that mushy in- between period of winter transitioning to spring. It can be down right frustrating at times! With this spirit in mind, I've started a new drawing. Perhaps it will help to channel my angst?

 This piece will involve a technique that I have not yet mastered. Naturally, I enjoy a challenge and bettering myself and this one is no exception. Don't get me wrong, the process is not my favorite but the feeling of the result is my motivator. Without giving too much away, I'll just say that achieving texture is everything. It conveys what the object is comprised of, telling people what it is without giving it a name. Art should speak for itself and if I have someone asking, "Is that a..," then I haven't done my job well.

Hopefully with enough stamina, a "grouchy friend" will be gracing Doman Art  by this time next week!

A Colorful Classic

A Colorful Classic color pencil on paper 5 x 8  

A Colorful Classic

color pencil on paper

5 x 8


Our favorite restaurant has the most amazing food. (I'm not being biased either!) It has won a James Beard Award and Anthony Bourdain notably recommends it. The staff is wonderful, the space is warm and quaint, the flavor profile is endless, and the beer is strong :) These qualities are what make us regulars these days but there's something else that makes the restaurant feel like home. (Aside from it being adjacent to our condo.) Traditional foods like Burgers, fries, hot dogs, bacon and Reuben sandwiches are on the menu but with a modern twist!  To me, traditional food evokes fond memories of time spent with family and friends, so I like to have those types of foods often. These classics are on the menu but their recipe involves modern takes on tradition. With one bite I get what I like to call a "modern memory"- I'm enjoying the present while remembering the pas,t and creating a new yummy tradition!

My owed- to our favorite restaurant brought forth "A Colorful Classic." With the use of vibrant color, tightly packed fresh foods, emphasis, and composition, I sought to interpret the modern twist on traditional food that the restaurant takes.

If interested more about this drawing, pricing, or where to purchase, please click on the links or email me!


A Drawing a Day

blog posting 2-14.jpg

A drawing a day keeps the doctor away. That's not exactly how the idiom goes,  but that's one of my mottoes. Just like eating an apple, drawing for me frequently is a healthy habit. I believe the saying can translate into your personal context as well. An activity that promotes health and happiness is one to repeat often, drawing just happens to suit me.

That being said I don't create 16 x 20" drawings within a day's time! Rather I concentrate on a fun and relevant smaller piece. Within a couple hours an instant inspiration is brought to life on paper. These pieces are not quite the analogous subject matters that I usually show though. Their message is more literal, straight forward, but the emotion and memories that they evoke in people do vary. It is such a joy to share the stories that these drawings remind people of! Such a small piece that creates a larger conversation is so special. I'm really enjoying this new connection with people through my artwork.

Currently and hosts my latest pieces. These sites hosts a number of amazing artists, all getting their dose of daily art too! If you are interested in any pieces from this website, fill out the information under the Contact page or email me at

I hope to share some memories with you soon. And hopefully you'll be inspired or continue to practice your healthy habits!


September Show! Rhythm& Red

Located in Loring Park, Minneapolis, Jungle Red Salon is holding their monthly Art Show.Support for the arts and community come at no surprise for Jungle Red. Their approach to their salon and spa is a holistic, approachable, and creative one.Featuring a musician paired with an artist, a reception is held at the beginning of the month and the artist's work is displayed throughout the remaining month.This September I am happy to announce that I will be their featured artist. Paired with Saxophone musician Jose James, Wednesday September 4, should be a fantastic night!

Additional information can be found here. 

Jungle Red Salon Spa Gallery

1362 LaSalle Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Grocery Store Gallery


Great article by Jeff Orff of Minneapolis. I couldn’t agree more with his standpoint on the use of artwork in branding. As artists, we do want our artwork to convey a certain emotion. This could not be more evident within merchandising. “Buy me” is all of their main messages, the why, is when I applaud certain companies over others. Take this whole organic movement; I admit I’m a sucker for it! Their packaging is clean, simple, fresh looking, versus neon, bubble letters or holograms.

What I find enjoyable though is the different types of emotions people get when they look at my art. I could create a piece that means something so specific to me, but to another, it comes across the opposite. I guess that’s why a grocery store is rarely sold out of one item. Organic or not, the person might like the bright orange chip bag more…

Click on the link below for the full article.

ASID Showcase Home


I had the pleasure of working with Interior Designer, Desi Creswell of Desi Interior Design, again this past spring. The previous year was amazing with the location of Lake of the Isles, and this year was nothing short of extraordinary. 

Located just a couple blocks behind the St.Paul Cathedral, this renovated Bed & Breakfast was a sight to behold. Drawing from only the floor plans, I knew that any perspective chosen would be captivating! Achieving the three- dimensional space, with all of the fine cream and blue/green hues was a challenge but the result made me proud. Standing in the actual room made me want to book a stay! Desi designed another chic and sophisticated space, I was more than happy to help convey it.

Below is a description of the Cathedral Suite. I hope that you get a chance to visit the home or even stay a night! I believe they will begin taking reservations this coming August.



by DESI on MAY 16, 2013

The ASID Showcase Home Tour opens this Saturday, May 18th in Saint Paul, MN! You’ll have to wait a few more days to see the completed project, but I want to share with you a sneak peek of my space, the Cathedral Suite. The Cathedral Suite is a light-filled room with gorgeous views of the St. Paul Cathedral and is also one of four Bed & Breakfast Suites the public will be able to enjoy after the ASID Showcase Home Tour ends. This beautiful rendering of my space was drawn by Megan Doman, of Doman Art.

Cathedral Suite Highlights

  • My Vision for the Space: I wanted to space to feel luxurious, bright, and inviting. To do this I designed a color palette centered on a soft sage green and light neutral colors. The main wallcovering has a bit of shimmer to help bounce the natural light around the room. The Mahogany carved headboard, the natural stone bath flooring, the sweeping curves of the room’s chandelier, and the silk-like drapery fabric add a sense of luxury. A sitting area located in the turret draws guests in and invites them to stay awhile. Traditional moldings in the room are painted a crisp white to keep the space looking fresh, while the repurposed dresser, classic subway tile walls in the bathroom, and  leaded glass windows provide a sense of the room’s past.
  • Accent Wallpaper: The accent wallpaper installed behind the bed is a unique print that was inspired by an Italian letter written in 1904 and discovered between the pages of a flea market book. Sentences flowing on top of each other in two directions reveal the paper recycling method of the period and transform the written word into a trellis of graceful pen strokes. The wallpaper is Letteraby Weitzner.
  • The Turret: With a tailored chair and small-scale accent table, the room’s turret is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or read in the afternoon. The views from the space capture the St. Paul Cathedral if one simply wants to relax, and enjoy the view. Should you desire more privacy, a round drapery rod with fully functioning drapery and an elegant drapery fabric. When closed, the drapery creates a silky cocoon of fabric that encircles the space.
  • St. Paul Views: The Frank P. and Anna Shepard House was built before the St. Paul Cathedral, yet the perfectly framed views of the Cathedral from the turret would make you think that the home was built with this architecturally beauty in mind.
  • Custom Dresser: The dresser in the Cathedral Suite is a repurposed piece created by Desi Interior Design. The painted surface is a warm neutral that would work in a variety of settings. Inset panels on the side of the piece features elegant, hand-made paper. If you want to own of piece of the ASID Showcase Home this piece is FOR SALE! Contact Desi for details.

I hope to see you at the ASID Showcase Home Tour! Additional information on the can be found here.